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Professional Disc - A proven reputation for quality and reliability. Leading-edge technology for outstanding high-definition broadcast quality. Fujifilm has long been a leader in the production of high-performance, high-reliability recording media for the broadcast industry.

In 2007, we introduced Fujifilm PD711 Professional Discs single layer (23GB) and they have been well-accepted in the broadcast industry. Now, have introduced the Fujifilm PD711 dual layer disc(50GB), to meet the need for higher capacity.


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XDCAM 23 GB Professional Disc


XDCAM 23 GB Professional Disc - Fujifilm`s PD711 23GB Professional Discs are the ideal recording media for today`s XDCAM and XDCAM HD systems. As with all Fujifilm professional video products, PD711 has been precision-designed to provide outstanding performance under a ....More.


XDCAM 50 GB Professional Disc


XDCAM 50 GB Professional Disc - Fujifilm PD711DL 50GB Professional Discs are designed to work with all dual-layer compatible XDCAM hardware. Featuring excellent data integrity and archival capabilities, the PD711DL is the ideal solution for broadcasters and video ....More.