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High Definition Video Cassettes


As the developer of Japan`s first broadcast-use video tape in 1959, Fujifilm has long been a leader in professional video tape technology. We constantly innovate to raise performance and open up new possibilities for digital video production and broadcasting.


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Leading-edge technology for outstanding HD broadcast quality

Fujifilm HD331 videocassettes offer the high output and low noise that high-quality HDTV broadcasting demands. High C/N and a low error rate are assured by newly developed ultrafine metal magnetic particles and a magnetic layer polished to mirror-like smoothness by our Super Calendering technology. ....More.




DVCPRO HD - For use in DVCPRO HD digital VTR systems, the Fujifilm DP1001 utilizes ATOMM-II technology, a special coating process that enables the production of an ultra-thin magnetic layer for high-density recording. As a result, DP1001 videocassettes achieve extremely high output, high ....More.


Metal Evaporated Tape for the Next Generation using Newly-Developed Tape Layers

To enhance reliability and durability to meet every professional application and after extensive study, Fujifilm has redesigned every layer of the DV171HDs metal evaporated tape. This has resulted in the introduction of Fujifilm DV171HD which features ....More.