Data Storage Services

Data Storage Services

 We provide digital data storage services of Quick On-site and Offline LTO Data Cartridge Diagnostics Barcode Labeling, Data Tape Destruction and Disposal Service, Data Recovery and Migration

LTO Diagnostics - Professional Service and software quickly assesses the condition of data tapes allowing users to diagnose and avoid backup issues, saving both time and money. Used regularly, the Professional service helps increase the reliability of LTO tape backups and archives.

Barcode Labeling - To help our customers manage the continued rapid growth of data management, Fujifilm offers a customized barcode labeling service within our state-of-the-art U.S. manufacturing facility in Bedford, Massachusetts. This service occurs within the same clean-room environment as product manufacturing, ensuring that the same quality controls used during the manufacturing process are duplicated with our value-added services.

Data Recovery & Migration - Tape media is used for such a wide range of applications that they may occasionally get damaged in some fashion. The damage may range from something as minor as a cracked cartridge to tapes that have been burned in a fire or run over by a truck. And while the damage may be minor, the data on the tape may be priceless.

Data Tape Destruction and Disposal Service - Meet compliance standards for government mandates requiring the complete elimination of private and confidential information stored on removable media by destroying media onsite with our exclusive tape destruction device.