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P2 64GB E-Series

P2 64GB E-Series


P2 64GB E-Series - With broadcasters and video professionals integrating new technologies with existing tape-based systems, Fujifilm has broadened its line of P2 cards to include the 64GB E-Series. This latest generation of P2 memory cards offers the same quality performance but at a lower cost, thanks to the use of Multi Level Cell (MLC) NAND Flash Memory. When recorded once daily at 100% capacity, the E-Series cards are reusable for up to five years; when used at 50% capacity, the cards are reusable for ten years or more.


  • • Approximately 64GB recording capacity.
  • • Up to 2 hours of HD data on a single card.
  • • High reliability for resistance to temperature changes, vibration and impact.



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