Gemtrac - High Density, Quick Storage System

At a Glance
The Fujifilm Gemtrac gives you back the space you need. Gemtrac is a high density, quick access storage system that makes the most efficient use of your floor space. Gemtrac can store up to 4,060 LTO cartridges in their plastic cases in 70% less space than tradional open racks. Gemtrac is made of quality steel and manufactured in the USA by Russ Bassett.

- High-density storage - More tapes per square foot than any other storage system.
- Improved productivity - Reduced library size minimizes walking time.
- Quick access to media - Reach up to 5,760 tapes without taking a single step.
- Enclosed storage - Protects your valuable media from dust, light and sprinkler systems. Gives your tape library a clean, organized look.
- Steel overhead tracks.
- Heavy duty rollers.
- Leveling glides.
- Optional lock.


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